“ Do you know the most powerful thing about Javascript? Spoiler Alert, It is not asynchronicity, first-class citizen principles, not even my favorite, closures. While all of these make javascript a delight, what makes javascript powerful is not focusing on attaining power. Javascript is not power-hungry by design.”

Javascript in its vanilla form does not intend to provide you with capabilities touching skies and jumping oceans. That is where the amazing dev community along with packages breaks into the scene, bringing in powers from dark dimensions, Human Batteries, Arc Reactor, and who knows where else.

Yes, I exaggerated. Now that…

Deployment in a Serverless Environment

Yes, Serverless is cool. It is one less thing to do, but there’s certainly more to it. When you are not occupied with tedious, time-consuming server development, operations, and maintenance, you can take some time out to click some heads in your favorite multiplayer first-person shooter game or even learn to make Pepperoni Pasta.

Especially when you are building a startup, you want to be efficient in solving bigger problems at hand. There are many other factors teams consider before moving to the serverless paradigm. Once you have taken the call, you are presented with multiple strategies for deployment.


Let’s walk through the foundation and basics of this series. This is an introductory story on concepts we will learn.

A data structure can be defined as the group of data elements that provides an efficient way of storing and organizing data in the computer so that it can be used efficiently.

Example — Arrays, Linked List, Stack, Queue, etc.

Each of these data structures has a different special way of organizing data so we choose the data structure based on the requirement.

Data Structure Types

We have two types of data structures:

  1. Linear Data Structure
  2. Non-linear Data Structure

Linear data structures…

My name is Harsh and I am a Student.

The world is changing and with it are changing those aspects of life which govern the very principles of running it. Luxuries have changed and so have the needs and necessities. With every tomorrow, there lies a new possibility of a change. The present standards of education are a concrete reflection of it. While some enjoy being stagnant with the metamorphosis around, some choose to make a move and be a part of the change.

The revolution in the education system has developed a model that separates education and learning, which…

Bitwise Operators are one of my favourite tools in programming. They seem overwhelming at first but once one becomes acquainted, it’s a piece of cake. Bitwise operators are intriguing because of their practical implementation. These work on the mathematics of logic and fundamental operations involving bits (which are used in Machine Instructions).

Bitwise operators directly deal with the binary of a number. Bitwise operators are interesting to study because they have a logic which is similar to none. This is the reason many don’t quite understand the working at the start. It is very important to know before starting to…

C++ is a widely used language for developing applications such as games, operating systems, and low-level programming that requires better control of hardware on the PC or server.

C++ is considered a very efficient language for competitive programming because it is faster in execution than many other programming languages. You may have noticed, though, that many coders manage to write their code much more quickly and concisely than you.

Introduction To C++ STL Libraries

The Standard Template Library is a collection of C++ template classes which provide common programming data structures and functions. The functions and structures are vectors, lists, stacks, etc.

STL has four…

This is a complete reference material on data structures. I have tried to put in all the material from my learning experience of data structures. The material begins from scratch and goes on to talk about advanced topics. For ease, it has been sectioned into chapters.

To Contribute to the material go to https://github.com/josharsh/MyDSHandbook and open a Pull Request


One of the most fundamental concepts in programming and computer science is the concept of data structures. Data structures refer to the way of organizing data for efficient usage. …

This lesson talks about recommenders systems and goes on to describe developing one.

How will the lesson be like?

The lesson will be divided into several parts, progressing from basic to intermediate level of learning.
I will be writing whatever I have learned during my experience of instinct with Recommender Systems.

Source: Pinterest

Introduction To Recommender Systems

The topic of recommender systems falls somewhere in the domain of information systems /information retrieval. Basically a Recommender system is a subclass of the information filtering system.

A recommender system is a model that utilizes the information about a user or product to recommend the item to the user or vice versa.

The term Recommendation…

For a complete tutorial on Data structures visit: https://github.com/josharsh/MyDSHandbook

Pointers in C/C++

Pointers are the variable that holds the address of other variables. Pointers are used to carry references to other variables. Pointer Variables are strongly typed. A pointer variable of a particular data type is needed to store the address of the corresponding variable. For an integer type variable, the pointer has to be an integer, this extends to the fact that a char value can only be pointed by a character pointer and also goes similar for other data types.

When we talk about memory management in programming, we generally deal…

Just like in any other programming language, an Array in Java is a collection of similar types of elements with contiguous memory allocation.

The array type directly extends Object class. Every array type implements the interfaces Cloneable and java.io.Serializable.

An array can store a fixed set of elements. In Java, Arrays are index-based, more particularly 0-indexed. This means the indexing in arrays begins from 0. One important difference to begin off the comparison to C/C++ arrays is the ‘length’ attribute. In size the size of the array i.e. the number of elements present in the array can be found using…

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